6 Best Used Cars for College Students

One thing at the top of the list for parents telling their children getting ready for college is, “There is no need for a car on campus!” Students everywhere beg to differ with this connotation. University officials on many campuses tell parents that their student needs a set of wheels to get around campus.

The necessity for adequate transport due to insufficient public transportation, inconvenient off-campus housing, a little R & R when not in class, work schedules, class schedules, and getting home once in a while are all reason enough to consider a quality right used car for the aspiring student. The following are the top six best used cars for parents to find and consider for their college student.

1. Compact used cars such as the Toyota, Ford Fusion, or Honda Civic

These cars are appealing and appropriate for men, women, adults, and the younger generation. This car offers low maintenance and is excellent on gas mileage. These cars are extensively tested in crash setting and came out ahead on all counts, so the student is as safe as they can be in one of these models. These cars offer a roomy inside for passengers to sit and not be cramped. The cargo space offers ample room to store possessions and travel to home and back to college. These cars offer affordable pricing.

2. Acura TSX for the years 2004-2008

The Acura year and model appeals to college students because it has some features that everyone, including college students, appreciates. Packed in its compact yet roomy interior are heated leather seats, touch screen controls, Bluetooth phone, the navigation system, and a keen music system with an auxiliary jack. The car comes equipped with all the essentials, in addition to a showy, luxury persona. This car is fuel efficient and is at the top of the consumer crash tests as highly safe. It is easy to handle and has a roomy interior. Depending on how many miles this used car has, parents find the price range broad, from just over $6,000 to just over $15,000.

3. Mazda 3 for years 2004-2009

This highly reliable car rated in its time as a top compact car, and it remains in that place, new or used. This car is stylish and an elegant car for the college student. Models come with a roomy hatchback. These models come with heated leather seats and xenon headlights. This car may not stand up to the fuel test for an economical used car but still hails as a great college car. Parents find that the price varies from just under $5,000 to just over $13,000.

4. Toyota Prius for years 2006-2009

This model used car offers stupendous gas mileage at 46 miles per gallon. It has a roomy hatchback and passenger interior. The battery pack is said to last for 100,000 miles, but consumers report a much longer life. This model includes sharp interior features and unique design. Parents find the price range for this used car to be about $7,000 to $15,000.

5. Kia Soul for the year 2002-2006

This SUV Kia is a favorite used car for the college student because it is very reliable and efficient. The price is very affordable at just under $5,000 to $13,000 range. There is a space under the cargo area that doubles as a picnic table, perfect for tailgating parties and picnics. This model also comes with a built in cooler for food supplies for parties and traveling back and forth from home. This area is drainable and watertight. Students adore the portable speakers and music system.

6. Toyota FJ Cruiser for years 2007-2011

This Toyota SUV is a bit pricier for a used car, and the downside is that it just keeps running, with a used price tag of just over $11,000 to $28,000. This model is always dependable when taken care of and maintained. It is cool, stylish, and capable of seeing him or her through all their college years. This model is rugged for off-road driving and has a roomy, stylish interior. Gas mileage is not the best, but this model remains an attractive college student option.

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