Top 5 Things to Do in Canada

Top 5 Things to Do in Canada

Life is full of stress and tension and never ending work commitments. This is why many people decide to take a break once in a year or probably after every few months to get rid of the cruel routine and monotony that creeps in. Canada has remained among the top destinations in the world for many travelers and therefore it offers lot of options to cater to millions of travelers that visit this country. If you are visiting Canada you certainly have tons of options and accommodation to choose from, but it is always recommended that you do some research on how you will spend your holidays in Canada and what things you should do when you are in Canada to make the most of the holiday time you have.

Here we take a quick look at the top 5 things to do in Canada.

Visit the Parks and Gardens

If you are a nature lover you will certainly fall in love with the natural landscape that Canada has to offer. There are many parks and gardens that you can visit here and explore the fauna and flora. You can start with the Banff National Park which is a world heritage site designated by the UN. You can also visit the Lake Louise Ski Resort which is not too far away where you can also get some skiing experience especially during the winter months. If you’re in Vancouver you can visit the biggest part in the city, Stanley Park that covers around 1000 acres and stretches around 8 kilometers through original rainforest and beaches. If you prefer some adventure you can visit the Gros Morne National Park in Western Newfoundland that not just offers a better way to view the nature, but also provides other adventure sports options like hiking, fishing, cycling and swimming. You can also visit the Algonquin Provincial Park which offers a best way to escape into Canadian wilderness.

Explore the Beaches

Beaches in Canada are outstanding and they offer a better way to unwind and relax when you are troubled by all the worries and work commitments. If you love evening walks and calm moments you can come to many beaches here in Canada that offer you cool breeze and winds and also the sweet sound of waves. Singing Sands near Charlottetown is considered one of the best beaches in Canada where you can hangout and find some good time with the family. If you are in Ontario you can visit beaches like Wasaga Beach and Sandbanks. If you are in British Columbia, head to some of the top beaches like Brady’s Beach and Long Beach.

Shop Till You Drop

Although, Canada might not be on the top when it comes to fashion, but it certainly offers a great option for shoppers to shop when they are here. If you like to shop in style you can try the Yorkville area which is among the costliest shopping destinations in Toronto. Here you will find some big brands that will ensure that you involve in a shopping splurge. If you are serious about shopping you can head to West Edmonton Mall also known as West Ed that remains among the biggest shopping malls in the world. If you enjoy walking through the farmer’s market you can head to ByWard Market in Ottawa and St. Jacobs Farmers Market.

Visit the CN Tower

You certainly cannot miss this out from your list when you are in Canada. The CN Tower attracts millions of people locally and globally and is among the top attractions in the country. The tower stands 553 meters from the ground and offers a great view of Toronto and Lake Ontario like you’ve never seen before. When you are in Toronto you can be at the CN Tower and take the elevator to the top and then to the SkyPod which is the world’s highest observatory deck in the world at 147 storeys.

Experience the Snow Sports

Canada is among the top destinations for snow sports and winter games and therefore it is recommended that you try it out yourself when you are here. There are many ski resorts where you can learn and get some basic trainings. On the other hand, if you’re an expert you can head on to some great places like Whistler and Grouse Mountains in North Vancouver and Appalachian Mountains south of Montreal.

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